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Introduction to Psychology

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This course is designed to introduce you to the scientific study of human nature. You will learn how psychologists ask questions from several different perspectives: questions about the relation of brain and behavior, about perception, about learning and thinking, about development, about social behavior and personality, and about psychopathology and psychotherapy. You will also learn about the methods psychologists use to find the answers to these questions and become acquainted with many of the important findings and theoretical approaches in the field of psychology. By the time it’s over, we hope that you will have learned to think critically about psychological evidence, and to evaluate its validity and its relevance to important issues in your life.

By Prof. John Gabrieli

Source : MIT

Prerequisites and Preparation

This introductory college undergraduate course has no specific course prerequisites. It designed to be most useful to people with knowledge of the following subjects at the level typically taught in U.S. high schools:

  • Mathematics
    • Experimental data collection and visual representations of data in graphs and tables
    • Basic probability and statistics: e.g. average, median, distribution, variance
  • Natural sciences
    • Biology of the human nervous system
    • Physics of light and sound
  • Literacy
    • Ability to read and effectively use textbooks

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